Before you register you must agree to the following terms

This is an auction platform. SaleRun allows 3rd party individuals and businesses to post items up for public auction in your local area. Before you bid on any item you must agree to the following terms:

  1. You must be atleast 18 years of age to bid and/or list items for sale on SaleRun.
  2. This is an auction website. When you place a bid, you are making a commitment to meet, and purchase said item for your bid price. Thus, before you place your bid you must be sure you want the item and will complete the purchase. This is not Walmart, your bid is a commitment to buy.
  3. Buyer beware, please be sure of what you are buying before placing your bid. Contact the seller if you have questions about an item before you place that bid. Once you place your bid, you are required to pay for and pickup the item if you are declared the high bidder.
  4. You have 7 days from the day the item you won has ended to pay and/or pickup your auction winnings. Thus, when bidding please keep this in mind. If you fail to complete your transaction within this time frame our sellers can relist the item, issue negative feedback and you are automatically charged a restocking fee.
  5. There is a 20% restocking fee in the event you are unable to complete a auction transaction. Restocking fees are due and must be paid before you can bid on additional items listed on SaleRun. The restocking fee is paid directly to the seller of the item to pay for their time spent listing an item orginally.
  6. When communicating with buyers and sellers please be respectful, no profane, derogatory, racist, or otherwise inappropriate language will be tolerated, via private message, in our public forums, or in any item listing. 
  7. We reserve the right to limit or reject access of the SaleRun website to anyone, for any reason.
  8. We will use information you provided when registering to verify your identity.

By completing your registration, you are agreeing to follow the auction rules and our website terms and conditions of use.

Agree and Continue

SaleRun is currently in development and is free to use! This means there may be features that are not complete or you might encounter bugs. To report issues open a support request.